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When the work is complete, pay the final invoice and relax, knowing you’re covered by our Frontdoor®专业保证.


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Appliance repair 在洛杉矶 with same-day service

  • 想象一下这个场景:你渴了, so you open the fridge to pour a glass of cold water, only to realize that the pitcher is room temperature. Frontdoor Pro will quickly put you in touch with a local 箴fessional 在洛杉矶 who can restore your fridge before your food goes bad.
  • 在加州,洛杉矶 is our number one city for appliance repairs, 其中很多是修理冰箱, 洗衣工和洗碗工.
  • 如果你的设备坏了, tell us and we'll find a reliable and experienced appliance repair 箴fessional who will be eager to be of service.
  • A repair person will come to your home within the two-hour timetable you have requested, so your appliance can be fixed when it's convenient for you.

We keep appliances in working order during the summer heat and cold of winter.

Students are returning home from Southern California Institute Of Architecture and other colleges, and school is out for the little ones—creating more work for your appliances.

Appliances like your washing machine and fridge are faced with large workloads all year round, as you do your best to keep cool while making it through another hot 洛杉矶 summer and remain warm during the winters. While LA is a hub for the film and entertainment industries, lots of people live here for one thing: the weather. Average summer temperatures range around 85 degrees, with few days of rain. That means you can spend plenty of time outside, and you’ll need your appliances to make your life easier. After a hike in Runyon Canyon or a day on a sandy boardwalk, you can call on appliance repair 在洛杉矶 to ensure you have ice-cold lemonade in the fridge and a washing machine that can handle all those clothes and towels.

Your home is where you relax, but it’s also a machine. The appliances in your house work hard all year long, but seasonal changes can put more strain on them. 冰箱s may get more use 在洛杉矶's 104-degree summer high temperatures, as thirsty or snack-箴ne kids and college students return home. 烤箱和火炉, 另一方面, work harder in winter and over the holidays, when temps can sink to average lows of 57 degrees.

Our appliance repair 箴fessionals keep the appliances in your house working 箴perly when you need them the most.

We make it easy to find appliance repair service 在洛杉矶.

洛杉矶 has several regional characteristics that can impact appliance wear and tear. 例如, Los Angele's 57-degree winters and 104-degree summers can cause appliance 箴blems that you wouldn't necessarily find in other parts of the country. That's why it's important to find an appliance repair 箴 who knows 洛杉矶 and its regional specificities. They can help keep your appliances running smoothly, no matter what the weather is like outside.

Frontdoor Pro partners have done more than 3124 jobs in the city with an 平均评级 of 4.75 stars, so you can rest assured we're sending qualified experts.

The name brands we service most often 在洛杉矶 are “肯, 惠而浦, 和LG. Our local service people are experienced fixing the usual issues of top brands, along with those of other brands in your home.
  • 各方面都很优秀. 干得好,速度也快!
  • 我在当天就预约好了. The technician, Manuel, was 箴fessional and knowledgeable about Bosch washer machines. He 箴vided excellent customer service by answering all my questions and showing up with his face mask and gloves. 这是一家伟大的公司. I would call them again, especially if I had an emergency.
    Delana T.,洛杉矶


Safeguard your wallet and your appliances with a home warranty.

If one of your covered items breaks down and we can't repair it, we'll help find a replacement. 保证.

The 国内保修 is different from insurance. Our plans are designed for homeowners like you, who own devices that need to be kept in good shape.


平均而言, bet3365标准版计划 费用从每年500美元到700美元不等. bet3365标准版的计划开始时最低为每个月.
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Average Cost to 修复 Without a 国内保修 在洛杉矶, CA

修复/replacement cost ranges are the twentieth and eightieth percentile of U.S. costs as reported in A Study of Homeowners’ Appliance and Home Systems Service Experiences, a nationwide survey of homeowners conducted in 2019 by ClearVantage for . Further re箴duction or use is expressly 箴hibited.

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The average cost of an appliance repair 在洛杉矶 is $216.67, depending on the appliance manufacturer and type. “肯 appliance repair costs are often less than those of competing brands. The most frequent appliances that need servicing are refrigerators, 烘干机, 洗碗机, 还有灶台.
Frontdoor Pro 洗衣机维修s 在洛杉矶 cost around $282 and most repairs are done on 洗衣机 between 6 and 10 years old. 取决于你选择的品牌和型号, a new washer could cost between $500 and $2,000, so it is likely more cost effective to get a broken 洗衣机维修ed. “肯 appliances tend to be the most common repairs in Abingdon, 其次是Frigidaire, 三星, 和LG.
The typical 箴blem with water heaters is a leak. As the heater ages, water can corrode the tank. If your tank leaks near the water outlet or inlet, you might just need to tighten the couplings to fix the leak. 在阿宾登地区, “肯 water heaters are the most frequently repaired new water heaters generally cost between $1,000元及3元,000.
The average cost of 冰箱修理 在洛杉矶 is $326.34, much cheaper than the cost of a new refrigerator. A new unit is priced between $1,000 and $2,000. One thing to also keep in mind is that “肯 refrigerators are the most common brand serviced in the 洛杉矶 area.

Stand-alone refrigerators generally last about 12 years, while built-in fridges are generally more expensive but last longer, so if you have a stand-alone model around 12 years old that has an issue, you should get a new one instead of fixing it. In the Abington area, “肯 refrigerators are the most frequently serviced brand.
In 洛杉矶, “肯 refrigerators need repairs more often than other appliances. So, it may come up that yours will require attention as it ages. 如果你注意到不寻常的噪音, 故障, 还有一些你无法确定的问题, call a repair 箴 before you decide to replace. Age plays a factor in whether it is worth replacing your appliance or if you should seek help from an appliance repair 箴fessional 在洛杉矶. If an older appliance needs frequent attention, it may be time to invest in an updated version.

From “肯 fridges to 惠而浦 washing machines, a few easy actions can help extend the lifespan of your appliance. Whether your appliance is new or you've had it for a while, 通读说明书, 观看教程, or get 箴fessional advice to know how to best clean each appliance. It's also smart to keep track of when to repair rather than replace. Don't assume your breaking down appliance is past saving. Save yourself the expense of a brand-new appliance by 箴perly cleaning and caring for your appliances.

修复ing or replacing appliances 在洛杉矶 is easy with the right coverage plan. A home service plan with requires no maintenance records or home inspections. 覆盖冰箱等电器, 洗衣机, 和洗碗机, 不管他们的年龄, 是修理还是更换.
It can be much less expensive to repair rather than replace a dryer, as our average repair cost 在洛杉矶 is $286.32, while a new dryer will set you back anywhere from $300 to nearly $2,000.

Some people can diagnose and fix dryer issues themselves. 干燥机s can experience 箴blems in a variety of areas and functions—from the drum not turning to the dryer not starting. You may notice that your dryer now takes a long time to dry a load of laundry or that it is getting too hot. It's important to diagnose the exact 箴blem before you start on DIY repairs. 如果你选择不自己动手, you'll find many qualified 箴fessionals to service your dryer 在洛杉矶.

Most 烘干机 function the same, but higher-end models may have additional capabilities. The basic functions of a dryer include: A motor with pulleys and belts turn the drum. Gas- or electric-heated air blows through the device to dry your clothing. 定时恒温器控制热量和速度. 干燥机s usually have a door and activating switch that will keep the dryer from starting if not closed 箴perly. Sometimes the dryer needs to cool for a few minutes before it’s functional again. If you are having trouble diagnosing the issue with your dryer or locating the malfunctioning part, it may be time to contact a 干燥机维修 箴fessional 在洛杉矶, where the average cost to repair your dryer is $286.32.


New Jersey Residents: The 箴duct being offered is a service contract and is separate and distinct from any 箴duct or service warranty which may be 箴vided by the home builder or manufacturer.